Monday, September 5, 2011


I finally had a dream worth sharing last night.  My paternal grandparents are both deceased, but I have a step-grandmother still living, whom my grandfather married shortly after my grandmother's death.  In my dream my grandfather was still alive and married to Joyce, my step-grandmother.  I was out with my grandfather and we were traveling somewhere near the desert.  We felt the need to stop at a small casino-like place on the way.  Here we found my grandmother and brought her home.  It was shocking, because we had all thought her dead, but it wasn't an issue to find her and bring her home.  My step-grandmother was upset, but my grandfather assured her that she was whom he loved and would be staying with, I just was able to get my grandmother back.  

It was quite odd, as I have never dreamt of my grandmother that I can remember.  It was also odd to dream of  my grandfather, as I have only had a few dreams of him since he passed.  I miss them both, my grandfather more-so as I had more time to get to know him.  It is always nice to visit them in my dreams.