Saturday, August 20, 2011

Travel Dream

Last night I had a dream that involved me having to travel.  Jonathan and a few friends and I were going to have to fly to Indonesia and we needed to purchase our tickets.  I was trying to find the best flight to take, so I was using a computer and had the advantage of moving the route around like you can on google maps.  I was not understanding why one route that wanted me to go across the US was going to take less time than the one that just wanted me to jump over to Indonesia.  Of course, the world map was not exactly the same as it is in real life.  Also, the flight was only going to take 3 hours and cost $3000 per ticket for first class.  I was sooooo confused in my dream as to how this would make sense, as I knew a flight across the country took longer than that and Indonesia was much farther away.  I woke up feeling frustrated that things weren't adding up correctly.

If I was into lucid dreaming, something like this should have alerted me to the fact that this was a dream, and I should have been able to take control.  Unfortunately, I am not skilled at lucid dreaming, maybe next time. :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts

School has started and I have been getting less sleep than I am used to and thus not remembering any dreams.  I seem to remember dreams best when I have slept for a long time and am more lucid in them.

Here is a dream I had when I was engaged and it was shortly before my wedding.  My wedding was happening in the middle of the desert and there was a corral of trucks and RVs and in the middle a blue tarp was hung up to block the wedding party from the harsh sun.  I also was not ready at all and ended up stressing about not having my wedding veil and the fact that I had just taken a shower so my hair was lank and wet hanging down my back as I walked down the so called isle in my wedding attire.  I had woken up shortly after that, but it was a very stressful feeling.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Snippets of Dreams

Last night I had a few dreams, but I am only able to recall snippets of them.  I know I had a dream with spiders in it, which is not uncommon for me.  They were coming after me and trying to attack and bite me, which is also not uncommon.  The strange thing was that they resembled weird colorful sunglasses, or those fake decorative glasses that are plastic and have the plastic stripes across where the lenses would go.  I am not even sure where that came from.  They would open their arms out when they would jump and attack at me.  So strange!

The other dream I had, I was in a hotel or something like that with some people.  The people decided to go out drinking and I didn't want to, so I decided to return to one of the rooms we had.  I was in the room hanging out, when something bad started coming.  I knew it was something bad, because a unicorn came and got me to hide.  It couldn't speak or anything but it motioned and pushed me to a closet in the room and was frantic, so I followed it's advice and hid.  The bad thing turned out to be a goblin type being, similar to how they are represented in Harry Potter.  I can't exactly remember what happened after that, but I think the unicorn got it to go away and then I was able to tell my friends about what happened.

Have you ever had dreams where two things combine together to make one, like my eyeglass spiders?  Or have you ever had dreams with mythical creatures?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

X-Files Dream

I haven't been having any dreams worth sharing, so I thought I would throw up one that I have in my reserve pile.

I was viewing the dream through someone else's eyes.  We were on a train and someone had hi-jacked it.  I was trying to get close enough to the hi-jacker to take him out.  The concerns were that the train was going to derail if we didn't stop, however, people were hanging off / tied to the caboose of the train and a car was following us, so if we stopped they would get squished between the train and the car, however, the price of their two lives was not as high as the entire train derailing.  I was able to knock-out the hi-jacker and stop the train.  The two people on the caboose were killed.  This is where the dream turns into an X-Files episode.  The scene change from inside the train to the outside back has writing in the lower right corner stating that we are in Arizona and that it is 4:30 am.  The sun is just rising and the people that were squished weren't people at all but aliens with green ooze instead of blood.

Have you ever had dreams that were distinctive to a TV show?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Happens in Dream Vegas...

Gets Shared on the Internet!!!

I was headed to Vegas.  I have only dreamt of being in Vegas one other time and like that time, there was a weird assortment of freeways to get into the city.  So, we drive into the city and in the next instant, I am in a bar with my Sister-in-Law, Elyse, and my friend, Sarah.  I know that we are here with more people, they are just not at the bar with us.  We are all apparently dressed to the nines as well.  I am wearing a black skirt that comes down to my calves, a white corset tank top like thing with black lace and black stiletto heals.  Covering all of this up, I am wearing a long black coat.

Elyse is ordering 3 fingers of Hennessy when apparently, normally the drink comes with the amount of 5 fingers.  However, she is requesting 3 and saying that she will even pay the same amount, because last time she ordered 5 she got in trouble for not drinking it fast enough.  While she is ordering her drink I must think it is getting warm in the room, so I take off my coat.  There is a man who comes up to me once I have revealed my outfit and asks me what I am doing between 2-5am.  I, not so subtly, show him my wedding ring and let him know that I am busy.  So, Elyse finally gets her drink and then we are off to find our room, which we seem to have no clue of where it is.  

In the next instant, Sarah and I are in an elevator, which has a divider in the middle so that we cannot see the other two people in the elevator with us, but we can hear them.  We start to hear something like a fountain and are really confused by it, so we open the divider to investigate.  We find out that one of the other two people is a drunken old man and that he is peeing in a little trash can like thing in the corner, however, it is getting everywhere.  We finally come to the stop and he clambers out of the lift still peeing.  Sarah, the other older lady that was with us, and I all start telling him that he shouldn't be doing that and that he is disgusting.  He gets angry at us and starts peeing at us.  As this is a dream, his ability to pee is like a hose and he sprays us all with his urine.  We are not soaked, but we have not come out unscathed.  One of us had managed to call security while this was happening with a call button on the elevator and they come and take the man away.  To compensate us, they decide that they will give us $60,000 each.  So we go on our way with our money.  

Sarah and I still don't know where our room is, so we continue to hunt it down.  We are meandering the middle of the hotel and it is set up like a mall, similar to the canal shops in the Venetian.  We go into a shop where we see someone we know working and tell him all about what happened and find out what our room number is from him.  It is 2664, incidentally.  So, with this knowledge we set out again.  

We are next on a escalator going up to the next floor and we find another person we know.  We chat and catch up with him while going up the escalator.  As is always the case when I am on an escalator in my dreams, it starts to tip up and there is a small part where we have to hold on really tightly to make it to the top or else we would fall off.  

I get lost from Sarah at this point and find myself wandering through a men's clothing store, where I somehow realize that I am on the correct floor for our room.  I am walking across the casino area that is between me and the corridors for the rooms and I overhear this group of guys talking about a fun little poker get together they are planning for when they are off work.  Since I have had a horrible day, I think that sounds like so much fun.  So, I ask the guy closest to me about it and he tells me the details, and asks why I am interested.  I tell him about my horrible time since arriving and he says that as long as I get cleaned up, I am welcome to come.  Oddly, he looked like the actor who played Mike Newton in the Twilight movies, only cuter.  

That was the end of my dream.  I cannot believe that I had a dream where someone peed on me.  I would rather stick to my dreams of having to pee and not finding a place.  I am kind of surprised that I was able to retain all of these details about my dream, but it was so crazy I must have really felt it was worth remembering.

Have you ever had dreams about Vegas or dreams where someone peed on you (I hope not, it's not a fun thing to dream about)?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Flu Shots

Last night's dream was weird, as most of my dreams are.  It started off with me being with my family during a family gathering.  Then someone decided that we needed flu shots.  As dreams go, we then automatically had the materials to distribute them.  I am not sure why my dream made it be this way, but the needle had to be inserted first then the medicine attached to the needle.  So, I get the needle stuck in one arm, my mom applied it as I couldn't do it on my own.  For some reason, the needle was deemed in the wrong spot, so we switched to the other arm.  I then had the needle stuck in my other arm and we were about to administer the medicine.

For some reason, everything went into an uproar.  I think that maybe our medicine was all of a sudden gone and it was imperative that we have it.  So, I was dispatched to find the portrait of Madame Pomphrey so that I could get the medicine from her.  I am running through the house, and as all houses are in my dreams, this one has weird stairways and odd rooms.  Of course, the house was in shambles, so finding the portrait was really difficult.  At one strange point during my dream in was in the drive through of a fast food restaurant fighting, maybe?  That bit is fuzzing and I am not sure when it happened, but in all the hubbub of running around I figured it fit there best.

I finally find the portrait and get the medicine.  It was finally able to be administered to me and then I woke up.  I have NO idea where or how my brain comes up with this stuff.  I wish I could film my dreams so that I can re-watch them and for sharing.

I don't even know what to ask with this one, has anyone ever had a dream where your whole family was together doing strange things that wouldn't happen in real life?