Sunday, November 18, 2012

Night of the Living Dead

So far, I have dreamt four times that I can remember about Zombies.  I am going to blame the current zombie craze.  My most recent zombie dream was about a week ago, while my first zombie dream was probably about a year ago now.

The first zombie dream that I ever had was definitely the most fun.  I awoke with a feeling of being powerful. It was set in space with a sci-fi-esque feel.  I was wearing a space suit and on some sort of space station similar to a building you would see in the Jetsons.  The only part of the dream that really stuck with me was when I was fighting a zombie that was attacking me and I took it out with a baseball bat to the head.

The second zombie dream that I had was more recent, probably only a few months ago.  In this dream I was a zombie handler.  I had a group of zombies that were under my control.  I was very particular about the fact that my zombies were not allowed to feed from children.  I had to take my zombies out to feed and once they were done, I had to go back around and destroy the heads of all of the people they ate from so that they would not rise as zombies also.  The main reason for this was that I would not be in control of those zombies and they might kill children.

The third zombie dream I had was the least descriptive.  It was just of me killing a zombie, nothing particularly special.

The fourth and most recent was the only one in which I was actually turned into a zombie.  Jonathan and I were hiding in this rickety house and we were trying to keep away from the zombies and were doing a fairly good job of it.  The twist was that my dream world decided to remove one of the walls of the room of the house that we were in so that we were no longer protected.  The wall was facing the beach so we were fighting them on sand.  I only was able to grab a pen to try to defend myself with, which is probably why I ended up becoming zombie fodder.  Jonathan had a small ax.  Once I was infected with the zombie virus, I was able to warn Jonathan that I was not able to control the desire to attack him.  He had apparently wired the house we were in with explosives.  We decided that he would blow us and as many zombies as possible up while we could.  That was the end of the dream.

I swear that I am not a violent person.  I get sad when I kill ants and spiders.  Whenever I see something dead in the road, even something as normally unappealing as an opossum I cry for it.  I am not sure why I dream about violent zombie deaths, maybe I just have no sympathy for zombies.

If anyone else has dreamt of zombies I would love to hear about it!