Monday, September 5, 2011


I finally had a dream worth sharing last night.  My paternal grandparents are both deceased, but I have a step-grandmother still living, whom my grandfather married shortly after my grandmother's death.  In my dream my grandfather was still alive and married to Joyce, my step-grandmother.  I was out with my grandfather and we were traveling somewhere near the desert.  We felt the need to stop at a small casino-like place on the way.  Here we found my grandmother and brought her home.  It was shocking, because we had all thought her dead, but it wasn't an issue to find her and bring her home.  My step-grandmother was upset, but my grandfather assured her that she was whom he loved and would be staying with, I just was able to get my grandmother back.  

It was quite odd, as I have never dreamt of my grandmother that I can remember.  It was also odd to dream of  my grandfather, as I have only had a few dreams of him since he passed.  I miss them both, my grandfather more-so as I had more time to get to know him.  It is always nice to visit them in my dreams.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Travel Dream

Last night I had a dream that involved me having to travel.  Jonathan and a few friends and I were going to have to fly to Indonesia and we needed to purchase our tickets.  I was trying to find the best flight to take, so I was using a computer and had the advantage of moving the route around like you can on google maps.  I was not understanding why one route that wanted me to go across the US was going to take less time than the one that just wanted me to jump over to Indonesia.  Of course, the world map was not exactly the same as it is in real life.  Also, the flight was only going to take 3 hours and cost $3000 per ticket for first class.  I was sooooo confused in my dream as to how this would make sense, as I knew a flight across the country took longer than that and Indonesia was much farther away.  I woke up feeling frustrated that things weren't adding up correctly.

If I was into lucid dreaming, something like this should have alerted me to the fact that this was a dream, and I should have been able to take control.  Unfortunately, I am not skilled at lucid dreaming, maybe next time. :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts

School has started and I have been getting less sleep than I am used to and thus not remembering any dreams.  I seem to remember dreams best when I have slept for a long time and am more lucid in them.

Here is a dream I had when I was engaged and it was shortly before my wedding.  My wedding was happening in the middle of the desert and there was a corral of trucks and RVs and in the middle a blue tarp was hung up to block the wedding party from the harsh sun.  I also was not ready at all and ended up stressing about not having my wedding veil and the fact that I had just taken a shower so my hair was lank and wet hanging down my back as I walked down the so called isle in my wedding attire.  I had woken up shortly after that, but it was a very stressful feeling.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Snippets of Dreams

Last night I had a few dreams, but I am only able to recall snippets of them.  I know I had a dream with spiders in it, which is not uncommon for me.  They were coming after me and trying to attack and bite me, which is also not uncommon.  The strange thing was that they resembled weird colorful sunglasses, or those fake decorative glasses that are plastic and have the plastic stripes across where the lenses would go.  I am not even sure where that came from.  They would open their arms out when they would jump and attack at me.  So strange!

The other dream I had, I was in a hotel or something like that with some people.  The people decided to go out drinking and I didn't want to, so I decided to return to one of the rooms we had.  I was in the room hanging out, when something bad started coming.  I knew it was something bad, because a unicorn came and got me to hide.  It couldn't speak or anything but it motioned and pushed me to a closet in the room and was frantic, so I followed it's advice and hid.  The bad thing turned out to be a goblin type being, similar to how they are represented in Harry Potter.  I can't exactly remember what happened after that, but I think the unicorn got it to go away and then I was able to tell my friends about what happened.

Have you ever had dreams where two things combine together to make one, like my eyeglass spiders?  Or have you ever had dreams with mythical creatures?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

X-Files Dream

I haven't been having any dreams worth sharing, so I thought I would throw up one that I have in my reserve pile.

I was viewing the dream through someone else's eyes.  We were on a train and someone had hi-jacked it.  I was trying to get close enough to the hi-jacker to take him out.  The concerns were that the train was going to derail if we didn't stop, however, people were hanging off / tied to the caboose of the train and a car was following us, so if we stopped they would get squished between the train and the car, however, the price of their two lives was not as high as the entire train derailing.  I was able to knock-out the hi-jacker and stop the train.  The two people on the caboose were killed.  This is where the dream turns into an X-Files episode.  The scene change from inside the train to the outside back has writing in the lower right corner stating that we are in Arizona and that it is 4:30 am.  The sun is just rising and the people that were squished weren't people at all but aliens with green ooze instead of blood.

Have you ever had dreams that were distinctive to a TV show?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Happens in Dream Vegas...

Gets Shared on the Internet!!!

I was headed to Vegas.  I have only dreamt of being in Vegas one other time and like that time, there was a weird assortment of freeways to get into the city.  So, we drive into the city and in the next instant, I am in a bar with my Sister-in-Law, Elyse, and my friend, Sarah.  I know that we are here with more people, they are just not at the bar with us.  We are all apparently dressed to the nines as well.  I am wearing a black skirt that comes down to my calves, a white corset tank top like thing with black lace and black stiletto heals.  Covering all of this up, I am wearing a long black coat.

Elyse is ordering 3 fingers of Hennessy when apparently, normally the drink comes with the amount of 5 fingers.  However, she is requesting 3 and saying that she will even pay the same amount, because last time she ordered 5 she got in trouble for not drinking it fast enough.  While she is ordering her drink I must think it is getting warm in the room, so I take off my coat.  There is a man who comes up to me once I have revealed my outfit and asks me what I am doing between 2-5am.  I, not so subtly, show him my wedding ring and let him know that I am busy.  So, Elyse finally gets her drink and then we are off to find our room, which we seem to have no clue of where it is.  

In the next instant, Sarah and I are in an elevator, which has a divider in the middle so that we cannot see the other two people in the elevator with us, but we can hear them.  We start to hear something like a fountain and are really confused by it, so we open the divider to investigate.  We find out that one of the other two people is a drunken old man and that he is peeing in a little trash can like thing in the corner, however, it is getting everywhere.  We finally come to the stop and he clambers out of the lift still peeing.  Sarah, the other older lady that was with us, and I all start telling him that he shouldn't be doing that and that he is disgusting.  He gets angry at us and starts peeing at us.  As this is a dream, his ability to pee is like a hose and he sprays us all with his urine.  We are not soaked, but we have not come out unscathed.  One of us had managed to call security while this was happening with a call button on the elevator and they come and take the man away.  To compensate us, they decide that they will give us $60,000 each.  So we go on our way with our money.  

Sarah and I still don't know where our room is, so we continue to hunt it down.  We are meandering the middle of the hotel and it is set up like a mall, similar to the canal shops in the Venetian.  We go into a shop where we see someone we know working and tell him all about what happened and find out what our room number is from him.  It is 2664, incidentally.  So, with this knowledge we set out again.  

We are next on a escalator going up to the next floor and we find another person we know.  We chat and catch up with him while going up the escalator.  As is always the case when I am on an escalator in my dreams, it starts to tip up and there is a small part where we have to hold on really tightly to make it to the top or else we would fall off.  

I get lost from Sarah at this point and find myself wandering through a men's clothing store, where I somehow realize that I am on the correct floor for our room.  I am walking across the casino area that is between me and the corridors for the rooms and I overhear this group of guys talking about a fun little poker get together they are planning for when they are off work.  Since I have had a horrible day, I think that sounds like so much fun.  So, I ask the guy closest to me about it and he tells me the details, and asks why I am interested.  I tell him about my horrible time since arriving and he says that as long as I get cleaned up, I am welcome to come.  Oddly, he looked like the actor who played Mike Newton in the Twilight movies, only cuter.  

That was the end of my dream.  I cannot believe that I had a dream where someone peed on me.  I would rather stick to my dreams of having to pee and not finding a place.  I am kind of surprised that I was able to retain all of these details about my dream, but it was so crazy I must have really felt it was worth remembering.

Have you ever had dreams about Vegas or dreams where someone peed on you (I hope not, it's not a fun thing to dream about)?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Flu Shots

Last night's dream was weird, as most of my dreams are.  It started off with me being with my family during a family gathering.  Then someone decided that we needed flu shots.  As dreams go, we then automatically had the materials to distribute them.  I am not sure why my dream made it be this way, but the needle had to be inserted first then the medicine attached to the needle.  So, I get the needle stuck in one arm, my mom applied it as I couldn't do it on my own.  For some reason, the needle was deemed in the wrong spot, so we switched to the other arm.  I then had the needle stuck in my other arm and we were about to administer the medicine.

For some reason, everything went into an uproar.  I think that maybe our medicine was all of a sudden gone and it was imperative that we have it.  So, I was dispatched to find the portrait of Madame Pomphrey so that I could get the medicine from her.  I am running through the house, and as all houses are in my dreams, this one has weird stairways and odd rooms.  Of course, the house was in shambles, so finding the portrait was really difficult.  At one strange point during my dream in was in the drive through of a fast food restaurant fighting, maybe?  That bit is fuzzing and I am not sure when it happened, but in all the hubbub of running around I figured it fit there best.

I finally find the portrait and get the medicine.  It was finally able to be administered to me and then I woke up.  I have NO idea where or how my brain comes up with this stuff.  I wish I could film my dreams so that I can re-watch them and for sharing.

I don't even know what to ask with this one, has anyone ever had a dream where your whole family was together doing strange things that wouldn't happen in real life?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mundane vs Supernatural Dreams

Last night's dreams were filled with mundane real life stuff.  Not worthy of being shared here.

In one of my very first posts of my dreams on here, I had vampires in it.  I had said that I have had other dreams with vampires.  I will share the first dream I remember having with vampires in it.

In this dream vampires consume red frosting instead of blood.  The gel icing is coveted and the best.  I have the last vile of gel icing so all of the other vampires are coming after me.  As a vampire I can also fly, so I am flying to get away from the others.  I fly through my friend Meghan's house to get her so that we can get away with the good icing together.  Wow, this dream is old, I must have been an early teenager.

I really enjoyed this dream and when I think about it, flashes that I get are very vivid.  Especially the flying.  I remember the part where I fly into my friend's house very well.  It was so strange that I was able to fly and when I grabbed my friend's hand, she was able to fly along with me.  Such a fun dream.

Any flying or vampire dreams?  Any dreams that could possibly reflect a real life situation you could be in with your friends or family?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finding A Place To Pee Nightmare

I had a dream last night that I completely remembered when I woke up.  However, I decided to continue lying down in bed for another half an hour and completely forgot the entire thing.  So, as I mentioned two posts ago, I will share about my nightmares where I cannot find a proper, enclosed place to go pee.

I have these nightmares where I have to pee and I cannot find an enclosed proper place to pee at.  I just flash from one random place to another, needing to pee, but I can't because it's not a proper place to go and a bunch of people are around and I certainly don't want to pee in front of them.  I HATE these dreams.  They fill me with soooooo much anxiety.  

I think it stems from the one time I was in Pike's Place Market in Seattle and I went to the restroom there and the stalls only came up to about chest height while sitting down.  Anyone else in there could see you.  I had to make sure no one else was in there with me and I peed as fast as I possibly could just so I could prevent anyone from being in there at the same time as me.  I hated that place very much.

Question: Do you have any dreams like this?  Or other really strange situations?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Harry Potter and Best Friend Jennifer?

I need to preface my dream last night by letting everyone know that I went to the movies with my mom yesterday and re-watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. (Bee-Tee-Dubs: it's just as good, if not better, the second time!) So, in my dream I was Hermione, but also myself. I was fired from my job and Harry decided to hire me at his company (I am not sure what the company was). He wanted me to get a makeover so that I could feel like I was having a fresh start. I had been going to one hairstylist, but he sent me to a new one. Or rather his assistant that was assigned to me did. As I was visiting with the new hairstylist, she was telling me about how having a bad hairstyle for yourself caused blemishes. I had been dealing with blemishes in my dream so we changed my hairstyle. She also went through some other style things with me, but I was awoken by my alarm clock before anymore style could be done.

I woke up feeling that this dream was silly, but it would also be so fun to get a complete makeover. I am really indecisive and having someone else help me, especially if they had the ability to really figure out what I want, would be sooooo awesome!

Have any of you ever had a dream where there were characters from a movie in your dream, or where you woke up and wished that could happen?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

3 Dreams In One Night

Did I even sleep?  It almost didn't feel like it with three dreams in one night.  They were long and involved dreams as well.  Apparently I was so out of it, I don't even remember saying goodbye to my husband this morning as he left for work.

Dream One:
My night started off with a weird dream that I don't remember all of now.  I was pursuing a guy and I brought him home to meet my mom and my little cousin, Andrew, was there as well.  We were then babysitting some little babies, but I am not sure the reason for that.  The guy's mom didn't seem to understand our dedication to babysitting these babies, so she left in a huff.  (how she got there, I am not sure).  The babies escaped and then my dream morphed to them escaping on this little string setup and instead of being babies they were small faeries or something.  I don't really understand the dream, and I didn't really understand it as soon as I awoke from it.

Dream Two:
I then had another dream where I was in a halloween shop that was set up like a swap-meet, but it was almost all sold out.  One of the two ladies that had anything left in their stalls, had candles with colored flames and I wanted some.  So I bought some and was on my way.  As I left the store, these weird alien people came and attacked our planet, or at least the area I was at.  They made it so that most of the ground was flooded with water so that we had to try and stay above it.  They were testing us, so they had creatures in the water that would pull us under if we were in it for too long.  We somehow had an ship/aircraft that we (humans) were able to get into and be protected.  I was able to get into one and helped out with protecting the children and keeping them inside.  That is all I remember from this one.

Dream Three:
My final dream of the night included a graduation party.  I believe it was my own graduation party, and it felt like I was graduating high school again.  I was with my sister-in-law and her son, though, so I am not sure if I was actually graduating high school or if my dream just decided to fold time about.  My SIL and I were staying at one of my teacher's houses, who also ended up being her mom and my mother-in-law.  It was an odd combination, especially as my MIL has never been my teacher.  The party started and I was mingling with friends and guests, but for the life of me, even though the teacher was my mother-in-law as well (or some weird combination, maybe she wasn't my mother-in-law at all, just a teacher that looked like her, although, why were we at her house?) I couldn't remember her name.  

Some of my friends and I then decided to go swimming in the lake that was outside of the house.  We were swimming around and I decided that I had to pee so I swam across the way to an area with public restrooms and snack areas.  I went into the restroom for the women, but it was really full and people were in their cleaning.  I waited and finally it was my turn, but the stall was gross, and everything was wet, as public restrooms near lakes and beaches often are.  So I am trying to go potty without getting myself wet from anything around me and apparently I am having trouble keeping the stall door closed.  This was when I woke up.  I will have to post another time about my nightmares with trying to find an enclosed place to pee.

Anybody have any dreams similar to those above?  How about dreams where things feel fuzzy and wrong while you're in the dream, like how I knew I should know the name of the teacher, but I just couldn't remember it?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

School Games and Home Improvement?

Often times, when I am concerned about something when I am awake, it translates over to when I am asleep as well.  More often than not, this occurs in a very odd way, as dreams are wont to do.  Two dreams last night that I remember reflected worries I harbor while awake, school and the work we are doing to our house.

School Dream:
The first dream started with me taking a yoga class.  I arrived at class to see it full of other girls with their exercise attire on.  Then the teacher arrived and things started to get really weird.  The teacher was a crabby and lecherous old man.  As we were all moving around getting into place, the dream morphed into the same setting but with a weird game to be played instead of any yoga.  There were rows of oddly placed items and we each had a store of our own odd items.  The game was to match the items you had with the items in a row, then you were able to collect those items for your scoring.  We were playing against the instructor.  It was really strange, as I was viewing the room as if it were on a monitor like a computer game.

Home Improvement Dream:
In the second dream, Jonathan and I had purchased a large home to share with my parents.  We had new flooring put in and were preparing to have family over to celebrate.  When we arrived at the house the day of the celebration (apparently we were not living there yet), it was full of weird flooring supplies.  The flooring people had set up our house as if it was their warehouse / showroom.  We were mainly worried that what they had done to display the product on the floor was going to ruin or damage our new floors.

I have just finished summer school this week and start the fall semester on August 15, so school has definitely been on my mind.  I am sure I will have more school dreams as the weeks before school start go on.  Regarding the home improvement, we didn't just buy a home with my parents (as anyone reading this blog probably knows) but we did just get new floors.  We haven't yet had a chance to have people over, but I am dearly looking forward to it!  I just need to get the baseboards and other moldings done so that we can move the furniture back in!

Have you had any dreams about school or other worries you were experiencing during the day?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dreams With Embarrassing Moments

I had a snippet of a dream last night in which I was quite embarrassed.  I was in a large convention type area surrounded by tons of people.  I am uncomfortable in large groups and so I tried to make a sneaky but mad dash to escape.  I apparently was caught going behind somewhere I shouldn't have been to get out and was called out for it.  Somehow I was found and a spotlight was put upon me with the warning to not go there again.  I woke up feeling really embarrassed.  I mean, who likes to be called out for mistakes, especially in such a publicly humiliating way?

I have had other embarrassing dreams as well.  I find the nude dreams to be the most embarrassing.  I have these dreams, I wouldn't exactly call them recurring, but I have had them a few times, where I am naked in a public place but no one else reacts to the fact that I am naked.  I, of course, panic about it and try to get to somewhere out of site and where I can get clothes as soon as possible.  I don't like these dreams as I usually wake up feeling anxious and embarrassed.

Does anyone else have any dreams where they are totally humiliated in their dream?  Or have nude dreams where everyone else knows you are nude?  Or maybe you are nude but it's ok and you are cool with it?  Please share!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Recurring Tsunami Dream

Last night proved to not be chock full of dreams, just dream fragments.  Because of this, I have decided to share with you the recurring tsunami dream that I have and mentioned in the other post.  It isn't very detailed, but these bits are always present when I have it.

I am in a Snack Shack at the beach and a Tsunami comes and I have to hold onto one of the pillars of the shack so that I do not get swept away by the water, which for some reason isn't strong enough to just decimate the shack.

There isn't much to the dream, but I feel absolutely terrified when I am dreaming it and when I wake up.  It is such a scary feeling because I know I have to hold on and am barely strong enough, plus holding my breath proves to be a struggle as well.

Do any of you have any dreams with tsunamis or dangerous water in them?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dream Verification

I just wanted to put a little post up here to assure everyone who is reading that I do actually dream the crazy that I post up here.  I am not making any of these up, well I guess I technically am, but it is my subconscious doing it. I am not sitting here going "what would be really awesome to say that I had a dream about."  I don't think I would be able to come up with this stuff while awake.  My mind is actually this crazy! :)

A Night Chock Full of Crazy Dreams!

Last night I experienced 2 major dreams, with the second one being like 3 mini dreams all mashed into one sequence.  The first was mainly about vampires and the second included something evil, a wedding and a weird conveying device.

Dream One

My dream started out with me fighting vampires.  I was trying to get a certain vampire to come with me as I was meant to help him return to himself (think of the way Angel turned into Angelus in Buffy).  I was having trouble due to the fact that there was an extra powerful leader vampire there trying to protect the vampire I was meaning to capture.  I wish I remember more of the fight as it was pretty neat.  I was in an area with other people who were helping me.  We were able to get the vampire away from the others and subdued.  This vampire was my friend Mike.  

Jonathan (my husband), Kevin (another friend), Mike and I were then in a car going where we needed to go to continue to help.  Our other friends were meeting us there.  I remember at this point I was really upset in my dream because I was trying to draw a map to where we were going for our other friends but I couldn't do it correctly.  If I was in to lucid dreaming, this would probably have been some sort of clue that I was dreaming.  For some reason my dream takes a detour during this time.  While in the car we are driving through some mountains and we have a large lake/sea on the right of us and a cliff to the left.  Recently I have discovered a fear of large bodies of water.  I am kind of afraid of tsunamis (of which I have a separate recurring dream about).  So I start to freak out, much to the detriment of our driving.  True to the fact that this is a dream and things are fluid, when we drive down the slope we are coming up to that will take us from the top of the previously mentioned cliff to the bottom, it is incredibly steep and I end up flipping over in the car because I was not strapped in correctly (always wear your seat belts kids!).  

Again due to the fluidity, or maybe I have just already lost this bit upon waking, but we are all of a sudden at our destination.  The dream morphs here again as well.  I am now not actively dealing with vampires, but protecting my friend, who in some parts is my cousin Stephanie and others is my friend Sarah.  This part of the dream is already hazy in my mind, but when she is Stephanie, I am in a store and am just keeping an eye on some people and watching out.  I am also getting flack from some ladies in the store for not wanting children right now, if ever.  They kept telling me that I should reconsider because I had a body made for child bearing.  

Then when it was Sarah I was protecting I was in a house with a large back yard.  I was talking to her and some men that arrived about the happenings with the vampires and other creatures in the area and they were giving me information that they had.  Almost think Order of the Phoenix meeting.  I am not giving exact details here because I am only left with impressions of the way the dream went.  While we were talking someone was arriving that we were trying to set Sarah/Stephanie up with because he was a good guy and could protect her while we could not.  At some point in this scene a really creepy dude had arrived and was just skulking about, but not doing anything to incriminate himself.  

The next thing I remember from the dream is that as Sarah/Stephanie (they were more morphed into one person at this point) was walking into the restroom he (who was now morphed with the guy we wanted to set her up with) closely followed her in there and I pulled him out and threw him onto the floor and locked us into the room without him so that she would be protected.  I asked her if she felt what I did was ok (as she had been talking to him) and she said yes.  This was where I woke up from the dream.  I wish I remembered more of the details instead of just the tenor, but I still think it was a pretty awesome dream to be able to share.

Dream Two

I dreamt that I was with some people who had someone close to them recently commit suicide and one of their number was really distraught about this because he didn't believe that this person woudl do such a thing.  They discussed it and came to the conclusion that it seemed like some evil thing killed this person instead.  My being with them they requested me to help them look it up.  I didn't want to learn about it so I was very reluctant.  

The dream then morphed to me being at a wedding between two people I knew, but I couldn't name them now while awake.  I was not dressed properly for the wedding so I decided to go back to the place I was staying to get ready.  As I was back in my room, I was being stalked by something that didn't feel right.  I was able to get help from someone else at the house and excaped the thing that made me feel so uncomfortable.  I was then at the very uncoordinated wedding and I was apparently the acting mother of the groom.  The wedding party then decided as part of the wedding they were going to put on a rock show, so they all picked up instruments and started playing.  

The dream morphed again after this to me being in a place similar to an airport but I believe that it had many means of travel.  I was going in the direction that I thought I should go, but apparently I was in the wrong place, because I remember trying to go away to somewhere else.  Before I could get away, however, I was swept up by this big thing that reminded be of those new rollercoasters where the seats twist around in addition to actually running on the track.  So I had to grab onto one of the handholds to not be knocked off and as I was moving on that thing (twising around on it while still being able to hold on) I woke up.  

In writing this I am annoyed at the disjointed-ness of the dream, but it felt totally fluid while I was dreaming it.  So my night was throughly filled with crazy dreams.  I am suprised that I feel so rested this morning with a night like that.

Have any of you ever had a dream with vampires?  This is not my first one.  Or have any of you had any dreams about weddings?  Please let me know in the comments!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Math Test Dreams

I had a Calculus test this morning and when I woke up it was from having a dream about completing calculus problems.  Apparently I decided to study in my sleep.  This is not a very exciting dream at all.

The dream that I had Monday night was really crazy.  I was in some run down part of a large city in a building that had apartments.  I think I was there looking to rent one, so I knocked on one of the doors.  A man with a gun opened the door and I decided that I didn't want to be in this building anymore.  As I went to leave, the man decided he wanted me to stay.  The feeling I had in the dream was as if he was going to rape me.  I resisted his attempts to pull me into his apartment so he shot me in the stomach.  I was able to run away (or hobble as the case may be).  I made it down into the busy streets of the city.  Imagine a city where everyone is walking more than driving on the streets.  I was calling out for help, but no one wanted to be a part of my problem.  Finally two people came to my rescue and helped me get to the nearest emergency room.  Once there I was told by the nurse that it was going to be three to four hours until I could be helped.  I woke up wondering if I was going to make it that long.

This was my first ever dream of being shot.  I have had two previous dreams where I have died, but never wounded in such a way.  It was a disturbing dream, but it was also very interesting and surreal.  I didn't feel any pain in the dream, more of a shock-like state.

Hopefully tonight will provide more interesting dreams.

Have any of you ever had a dream where you have been shot or wounded?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My purpose for this blog

I have crazy, crazy dreams.  I remember so many of them and I love to share mine and hear about other people's dreams.  I have dreams of all sorts, fun ones, adventure ones, recurring ones, nightmares and many others.  I am not as fond of the nightmares as I am of the pleasant dreams, obviously, but they still add to the excitement of the dream world.  I have had flying dreams, zombie dreams, dreams within dreams, dreams where I die, dreams in first person, dreams in third person and dreams where I am a different person.  I have had really vivid dreams where I wake up and think they actually happened and I have had dreams where I can feel them slipping out of my brain once I have woken.

My plan is to use this as a sort of dream diary.  I will post dreams here as I have them and hopefully anyone reading this will get enjoyment out of the crazy inner workings of my unconscious mind.